Who should repair your computer?

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Think twice before deciding who should repair your computer.

We all need to be careful when we let friends and family members repair our technology.  We all have a friend or family member that is our “go-to” person when we have a tech problem.  Perhaps it’s your eager to please nephew or curling buddy.

So should you let this person have a look and attempt to repair the computer?  Perhaps, but only if it is a small easy repair.  These days many devices have important data on them that when lost or erased creates headaches or in the case of photos, precious moments lost forever.  Be it your computer, smartphone or even your “Smart” TV; they all contain important data .  Sometimes your “go-to” person  can help, sometimes they can’t.  Sometimes they will recommend a complete wipe, a fresh install, or a reformat as the recommended repair.  This  is when you need to say stop, whoa, slow down.  A repair that includes wiping out your data, especially if you do not have verified backups, needs a second opinion.

If your go-to person is an experienced and certified technician AND has the time to help you, you are doubly blessed and you don’t need to read any further; you’re in good hands.  For most of us, this is not the case.  For many hobbyists and inexperienced technicians it seems reasonable or inevitable that your data needs to be sacrificed to the gods of tech support.  This most often is not the case.  For example:  An antivirus or malware infection on your computer usually will not affect your photos or documents. I hear all too often about clients (mostly home users) losing their precious photos, contact lists, inboxes etc.  In almost all these cases retrieving their documents and photos was possible and usually without too much effort.

If your data is worth it, get a second opinion from a pro. Don’t let unqualified people needlessly  destroy your data.  Is your data worth hiring an experienced professional?  I bet it is.

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